Jamie Malden Explores Ancient Persia

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From: 13th Oct 2020

To: 25th Oct 2020

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Ancient Persia with Jamie Malden

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Abbasi House 

You’ll definitely want to take a snapshot of Abbasi House in all it’s glory. It is large and historically pleasing, located in a central district of Kashan. The house has been partly remade into a beautiful tearoom, shop and restaurant. It took nearly 20 years to build and the architecture is immaculate. The beautiful architectural masterpiece spans at 7 000 square meters. With hidden passages, beautiful private rooms, halls and courtyard water pools, there is a lot of beauty to be explored!At the end of a tiring day of sightseeing, relax with the locals on the beaches of Juhu and Marine Drive, and watch the sunset.



Chehel Sotun

Experience life as a King or Queen in Chehel Sotun; an amazing palace/pleasure pavilion built within a large park. One of the wonders of this Persian architecture is the reflection of the pool giving an illusion of a nearly doubled size establishment. Amazing! Picture a walk in the beautiful park to be followed by a look around this incredible architecture.    The design of the pavilion is beautiful and not to be missed!


Sio-She-Pol & Khaju Bridges

Sio-She-Pol is a bridge that crosses the Zayandehrud River – the biggest river in Iran. Built between 1599 and 1602 the Bridge is still stunning today. The bridge is thought of as best to see at sunset due to the lamps that illuminate the structure.This is a sight you won’t want to miss! Khaju Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Iran. It illuminates at night so you can have a beautiful walk by the light and bridge side. Amazing paintings and tiles decorate the bridge so you can get captivated by the art. The atmosphere that surrounds the bridge is truly wonderful.





On only the third day of the trip you’ll be able to get your teeth stuck into some museums! The national museum of Iran located in Tehran showcases some of Ancient Persia’s most historic memories including carvings, ceramics, pottery and stone figures. After the national, you’ll be off to the jewellery museum in which you’ll get to see some of the most dazzling collection of gemstones and jewellery on Earth. The legendary crown Jewels of Iran are still as astonishing now as they were back in Ancient times. Although the crown jewels are now open for you to view, this jewellery was only seen by a select few in the past. Incredible. 



Nasirol Molk Mosque

Nasir Molk Mosque is a space where light and worship combine. The spiritual place is know for it’s whirlwind of colours! You can see the beauty first hand created by the tiles and illuminated by the natural light of the outside. Also, it is said that you can get the best view of this at sunrise – don’t worry though, we know sunrise is way too early. We are visiting the beautiful mosque after breakfast while the sun is still up and dancing in the sky. This way you can see the stunning effects and take in the art. Ultimately, Nasirol Molk Mosque is a must see with links to Islamic art, architecture, tile making, geometry, patterns and much more.



Persepolis is a terrace built over 125,000 square metres where you will get to see the remains of an ancient city. The city dates back all the way to 515 BC. Along this terrace you can find out a lot about the history of the city and be grow to understand Persia more!


Sultan Amir Bathhouse 

One of the best preserved bathhouses in Iran, Sultan Amir offers a lot to take in. The architecture paired with the interior design is stunning. The bathhouse is of cultural importance having been built during the 16th century. Bathhouses were used for more than just public bathing, but also as a social spot to relax, gossip and even pray. The beautiful bathhouse is shaped as octagonally with the public pool placed in the middle. 

Tabatabaei House

There is a love story behind Tabatabaei house; a very famous, rich merchant orders the house to be built and bases the designs on the shape of the astounding bird ‘Homa’ or (Sphinx) which is his wife’s name.He loved her so dearly. The designs are set out based on this to catch your eye. As well as this, there are the floral designs of Persian rug on the walls. This will be a nice little tour on your final full day of a trip.

Vakil Mosque

Vakil mosque offers its visitors a magical atmosphere at night bu is also stunning during the day. In the daylight, it’s possible to admire the architecture, unique decorations and the number of pillars that cover its interior. The sun can peek through the windows and create beautiful reflections across the carpet. Absolutely stunning!







Colouricious-Holidays-ItineraryThis is a taster itinerary and not the exact plan. On the evening of arrival you will be given an exact timetable as changes may be made. We under promise and over deliver!


Day 1 – 13 October 2020

  • Depart London Heathrow

Day 2 – 14 October 2020

  • Arrival in Tehran International Airport (IKA)
  • Meet and greet and transfer to your hotel
  • Later during the day you will visit:
    • Niavaran Palace
    • Sadabad Complex
    • Tajrish Bazaar
    • Tabiat Bridge
    • Milad Tower
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 3 – 15 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast, Tehran City Tour by visiting:
    • Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
    • Tehran Bazaar
    • National Museum
    • Jewelry Museum
  • Evening flight to Shiraz( 1.5 hours)
  • Dinner will be at your hotel in Shiraz

Day 4 – 16 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast, Shiraz city tour where you will visit:
    • Nasirol Molk Mosque
    • Narenjestan Qavam Garden
    • Zand Complex (Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar)
    • Karimkhan Citadel
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 5 – 17 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast, Shiraz city tour where you will visit:
    • Jahanama Garden
    • Eram Garden
    • Hafez Mausoleum
    • Sadi Mausoleum
    • Atiq Mosque
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 6 – 18 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Drive to Yazd (5 hours). En route visit:
    • Necropolis(UNESCO World Heritage Site)
    • Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
    • Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Dinner will be at your hotel in Yazd

Day 7 – 19 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast, Yazd city tour where you will visit:
    • Tower of Silence
    • Fire Temple of Zoroastrians
    • Dowlatabad Garden
    • Amir Chaqmaq Complex
    • Jame Mosque
    • Yazd Old Town (Fadahan Quarter) (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE)
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 8 – 20 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Drive to Isfahan (3 hours). En route visit:
    • Narin Castle, Shah Abbasi Caravanserai and icehouse in Meybod
    • Narenj Castle and Jame Mosque in Nain
    • Sio-she-pol and Khaju bridges
  • Dinner will be at your hotel in Isfahan

Day 9 – 21 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast, Isfahan city tour where you will visit:
    • Chehel Sotun Royal Palace
    • Naqsh-e Jahan Sqaure (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE)
    • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
    • Shah Mosque
    • Ali Qapu Palace
    • Isfahan Bazaar
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 10 – 22 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast, continue exploring Isfahan city where you will visit:
    • Vank Cathedral
  • Free evening for shopping
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 11 – 23 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast, drive to Kahsan (3 hours). En route visit Abyaneh Village and Desert camp in the afternoon
  • Dinner will be at your hotel in Kashan

Day 12 – 24 October 2020

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast, Kashan city tour where you will visit:
    • Sultan Amir Ahmed bathhouse
    • Tabatabaei House
    • Borjoujerdi House
    • Abbasi House
    • Agha Bozorg Mosque
    • Kashan Bazaar
  • Drive to Tehran (2 hours) and check in at airport hotel
  • Dinner will be at your hotel in Tehran

Day 13 – 25 October 2020

  • Flight back home


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