Hayley Smith
Embroidered Textile Treasures of Gujarat
October 2020

learn how to block print your own fabric and textiles

From: 13th Oct, 2020

To: 23rd Oct, 2020

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Embroidered textile treasures of Gujarat

Embroidered Textile Treasures of Gujarat - Hayley Smith

Join textile artist Hayley Smith to explore the wonderful embroidered textiles of India.

“I am thrilled to be hosting this exciting holiday to Gujarat. I have a craft business based in the North East of England and we primarily design and manufacture craft kits and unusual fabrics. I am also a regular guest on Hochanda Shopping Channel. This is my first time hosting with Colouricious Holidays and I am looking forward to taking people on this journey with me” 

Your Trip

This embroidery holiday will focus on block printing, embroidery (in particular, shisha) and tribal ladies – the group size is restricted to 18 guests due to the remote location of the tour and nature of workshops which will be taught in rural settings. Gautham will be our guide – he is very popular with our guests as he specialises in textiles and he comes from this region so has a unique inside knowledge. To confirm this isn’t an artist in residence holiday therefore there will be no artist led workshops however you will be taught in authentic factories by real block printers. Your tour leader is there to support you on this trip.

Indian textile can be rightly termed as a combination of the social structure of India. India is extremely famous for its rich and diverse textile tradition. India gives you the opportunity to feel the rich weave of its textile which showcases India as a land of mystique and wisdom. The western region of India is extremely rich in its culture and traditions that have a very ancient history especially with embroidery and shisha Indian mirrors

Highlights of the tour

Hotel, transport and food requirements

If you have any dietary requirements, please do get in touch so we can make any necessary arrangements with the chef. Your breakfast and dinner is included in the price.

To make this experience as comfortable as possible you will travelling this beautiful area in a private coach with a Colouricious Holidays representative to take you to the best hidden gems and stunning sites.

Need to know more…

Workshop on Kalamkari and hand block printing

Kalamkari art is an incredibly intricate craft and requires great skill. With Kalam meaning pen and kari translating to craft, these wonderful illustrations are hand-painted. Traditionally this textile technique was used to depict the accounts of villagers on their travels using large bolts of canvas and dyes extracted from plants.

There are 2 styles of Kalamkari, Srikalahasti and Machilipatnam. Srikalahasti is distinctive in that the pen is used to draw freehand typically onto cotton textiles filling in the colours afterwards only with natural dyes. This is the most traditional of the Kalamkari techniques with hindu mythology being its main influence in design. Machilipatnam Kalamkari incorporate wooden printing blocks into their sketches with lotus motifs being the most common print design.

Kalamkari is being increasingly popular for textile craft today as it’s process doesn’t include harmful chemicals but still produces incredibly vibrant fabrics. This is a wonderful technique to try your hand at in workshops lead by skilled artists in the villages the country it was first created.

Sun Temple


Modhera village is located in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. It is a beautiful Hindu temple dedicated to the solar deity Surya.  It consists of three components; Kunda, the reservoir, Sabhamandapa the assembly hall and Gudhamandapa, the shrine hall. The halls have intricately carved exterior and pillars. The reservoir has steps to reach bottom and numerous small shrines.


Batik workshop

batik-dyeing-technique-fabric-designsBatik is a wonderful technique for designing textiles. It’s uses a resist method to dye silk, cotton and other pure fabrics traditionally with geometric patterns. It requires a tool called the ‘cap’ which is a copper head on a wooden block. The copper rods are around 1.5 cm in width are used to apply a dye proof substance to create the design. The fabric is then dyed and the areas remaining covered with the hot wax retain its colour but the uncovered parts obtain the chosen colour of dye. This process can be repeated several times on the same fabric to create beautiful and unique textile designs. Once finished the hotwax is removed the cloth is ready to be sold. Batik is a great design method due to the varying materials you can use to create a bespoke piece from different wax and dyes to fabrics. Different wax blends tend to crack allowing dark dye lines to enter/penetrate the resisted spaces, another design strength. Batik fabrics are also known for their durability with colours less likely to fade as they have a higher resistance to wear compared to painted fabrics.


Mandvi tie-and-dye centre

The tie-dyed fabrics of Gujarat, also known as bandhej, are famous for their intricate designs and patterns, which are used in wedding outfits and are considered the best produced in India. The process begins with the fabric being folded to create a rectangle. Designs are printed on with a wooden block and these areas are pinched and pushed into points, then tied into tiny knots with 2 or 3 twists of thread. The fabric is then dyed in the lightest shade first with the knotted parts remaining uncoloured. The fabric is then retied and dyed in the darker colour. The hues of deeper shades are used over the previous ones to form the coloured background of the cloth. This can continue for several rotations depending on the number shades in the final fabric design. The completion of this fabric takes around 8 hours.

Tie-dyed fabrics are available to purchase all over Gujarat normally being sold tied up to ensure the cloth has not been printed. The price of these textiles not only depends on the intricacy of the design and the type of fabric but the number of times it’s been tied and dyed. Special fabrics will often be brocaded with fine gold thread.


Rabari embroidery

This remote village is located in the Kutch district of Gujarat. Kutch is famous for embroidery with 16 different styles being practiced all over the region. The most well known is Rabari embroidery with its incredibly vibrant colours, chain stitches and use of mirrors in a variety of shapes. It gets its name from the nomadic Rabari community who embroider in circular huts, known as Bhunga.

The fabric is usually a plain cloth occasionally lightly quilted for better durability. Cotton or silk threads in an assortment of vibrant colours are worked onto the fabric using fine accent stitches, stitch, satin stitch, running stitches, herringbone and decorative back stitching to name a few.

Rabaris outline patterns in chain stitch. Mirror fragments are finely embedded with tiny buttonhole stitches for extra embellishments displaying the artist’s creativity. Beads, shells, tassels and buttons can be added for individual effect and authenticity. The complex designs often depict the changing world in the eyes of the Rabari women and therefore always evolving. The different style of embellished garments and intricacy of embroidered work not only define the Rabaris socio-economic stature in the community but also clearly distinguishes the person’s identity. For instance the placement of embroidery on their veils will tell you what community they are from. Embroidered borders are usually Wagadia Rabari method whereas the Kachela Rabaris have designs in the centre of their veils. Another amazing tradition is the preparation of the dowry for a Rabari wedding. The girl must finish all textile pieces for the wedding before she can get married. This includes embroidering clothes, bags, bedcovers and even the decorative camel cover which can take up to 3 years to complete. This tradition enables the girl to learn these textile techniques and helps these skills be passed through generations. It’s incredible to see these wonderfully vivid colours and textures against the backdrop of the stark landscape of Kutch with its thorny babool and keekar bushes.

Wood Block printing in Gujarat

Gujarat is famous for the block printing work of a group known as the Paithapur Families, who have produced traditional ‘Trader Prints’ (locally called Sodagiri) for generations. This style is noted for the intricacy of the hand carved blocks and the mud-based resist printing of the base textiles. It is considered the original home of Indian block printing technology, and the region from which all other techniques arose.

Ajrakh Block Printing – One of Gujarat’s best known textiles, Ajrakh fabrics use geometric patterns almost exclusively. Traditional Ajrakh patterns use natural dyes in red, black and blue tones, derived primarily from madder root, iron oxide and the indigo plants, respectively. This technique is traditionally associated with Dhamadka village.

Kutch Block Printing – Rather than the geometric designs of the Ajrakh tradition, Kutch textiles feature highly stylised animals, birds and dancing women. Kutch saris produced in Baroda and Ahmedabad, in particular, often feature stylised mangoes and other fruit against red and blue backgrounds.



The most fabulous textile tour around Rajasthan, exploring the textiles, embroidery and block printing unique to this region. We will be travelling in our own private coach to the edge of the Thar Desert and on the way visiting beautiful palaces, fabulous fabrics and visiting the amazing Udaipur. Colouricious Holiday is proud to bring you a very special trip for textile and handicraft lovers. Getting off the beaten tourist trail for this exploration of the real and old India, the one rich with traditions and artisans. Gujarat is an area which many years ago attracted migrants from many other places around due to its location. Bringing with them their expertise in block printing, weaving, dyeing and embroidery, this area is the place to visit if you have an interest in witnessing, first hand, how these techniques are still practiced.

During your Colouricious trip you will find that we have packed full a schedule for you of visits to villages and makers, museums and heritage walks. We have found examples of many different types of block printing, shown to you by the expert artisans who have been honing their art for many generations.

Gujarat is considered to be the jewel of western India, missed by many visitors to the continent, the villages and countryside holds the state’s treasures. We have arranged that you will be expertly guided around this vibrant area which is just bursting with producers of the country’s finest textiles.

On our tour you will be experiencing a variety of places, from Gondal a small leafy town to Patan, the ex capital, a dusty town with elaborate wooden houses and famed for its silk texties.

With much of India now becoming westernised you will find here an opportunity to see it how it was before technology. However, this area is very much on the up, with the renewed interest of buying heirloom pieces, appreciation of the hand made and the sustainability of products made with naturally and locally grown plants, Gujarat is the place to go for those who have an interest in history and tradition.

There is so much of India to explore! We also offer different craft and textile tours across this beautiful country. Take a look at the other wonderful destinations we also offer such as Uzbekistan, Japan and Bhutan or if you India!

Learn, create and be happy!

Gujarat Photos

Gujarat Videos



This is a taster itinerary and not the exact plan. On the evening of arrival you will be given an exact timetable as changes may be made. We under promise and over deliver!

Day 1

  • Depart London

Day 2

  • Arrive Ahmedabad. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel.
  • Morning is at leisure
  • After Lunch, participate in Kalamkari workshop also known as Mata Ni Pachedi
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 3

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • Morning after breakfast drive to Pethapur village [35 Kms: 1 Hrs approx one way] and witness Wooden Block making which are used for Block printing
  • Drive back to Ahmedabad and visit Shreyas Folk Museum and local market
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 4

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • After breakfast proceed for Heritage Walk of old city of Ahmedabad
  • Rest of the day is at leisure to explore market and other tourist sites
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 5

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • Drive Ahmedabad – Dasada [95 Kms: 3 Hrs] en-route visiting Rani Ki Vav and Patola museum at Patan, visit Sun Temple at Modhera and continue drive to Dasada.
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 6

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • Morning after breakfast enjoy jeep safari at Wild Ass Sanctuary in The Little Rann of Kutch.
  • After lunch proceed for village safari to nearby village to see Kharapati Rabari embroidery work.
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 7

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • After breakfast check out and drive to Bhuj [276 Kms: 6 Hrs]
  • Arrive Bhuj and check-in at your hotel
  • Evening free to explore the town
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 8

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • Visit village called Bhujodi [15 Kms: 30 mins one way drive] to see Shawl Weaving, and visit to the house of Rabari to see some Rabari embroidery work
  • Drive back to Bhuj
  • After lunch visit studio of artisan to see Tie and Dye work.
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 9

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • After Breakfast, drive to Ajrakhpur [15 Kms: 40 mins one way approx] to see Ajrakh Block Printing, we will arrange workshop here
  • Later visit LLDC museum (Closed on Wednesday and Public Holidays)
  • Later drive back to Bhuj.
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 10

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • Day excursion to Banni Villages [100 Kms: 3 hrs one way] and visit different tribal embroidery
  • Later participate in embroidery workshop at Kala Raksha
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 11

  • Breakfast is at the hotel
  • After breakfast visit Dhaneti village [30 Kms: 1 Hr] and participate in Ahir Embroidery
  • Late drive back to Bhuj and have lunch at local restaurant
  • After lunch visit local market of Bhuj
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 12

  • Breakfast is at hotel
  • Transfer to Bhuj airport to connect with your flight back home


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“I have recently returned from a visit to India with Colouricious Holidays.  It was my second visit of the year, last November I joined the group touring Rajasthan and this month Odisha.  Over the last 50 years I have travelled the world both independently and with organised groups  – Borneo, Japan, Kenya, Peru and Malawi being  some of the highlights.  A friend asked me  what makes the Colouricious tours so special, why do they stand out from the rest and why do you go back?  Was it the choice of the Indian location, the textile art /craft theme  or the excellent value for money? Was it  the attention to details such as travel arrangements,  interesting heritage hotels, the food or the individual care you receive.  Most of the top travel  companies usually get these things right particularly if you pay top prices.  So why is Colouriscious different? 

Colouricious Holidays are excellent tours in the sense you are taken to some of the most interesting, beautiful places you will ever visit. They are tours in the sense that the local guide will have given you enough information to help you understand the significance of what you are seeing. A quality tour for me is never about seeing the attractions or even  looking at how people live,  it is about the personal, interaction with people in their own environments.   

With Coloricious Holidays it is as though you have been given this massive privilege of stepping into another world. It  is about things that happen to just you and provide  memories that will stay with you forever. You feel so privileged.  Everyday offers  unique experiences that made you  feel as if you have entered a community, not as a tourist  but just as the person you are and you leave having been touched in some way. Over  dinner at the end of a day when you swop stories you realise you  may well have been the only one taken by a young girl to show you her rice wall paintings but someone else was shown a villager’s vegetable plot , or was dressed in a sari, or taken to visit grandma or a new baby. The experiences are endless. Each person feels as though they had their own special moment.  Colouricious  is the only tour holiday I have been on that offers this level of experience on a daily basis.”  Love Denise

“In short, this was an incredible holiday!  The organization was spot-on, we felt extremely well taken care of, and unexpected eventualities were handled by Isha with speed, grace, and calm. The structure of the tour (specifically, having two nights in most places) was most welcome and reduced as much as possible the stress of living out of a suitcase.  Having drinking water taken care of for us (rather than having constantly to pay for bottled water and worry about where it might come from) was SO much appreciated (and was a contrast to our last tour).
The textiles-activities were well organized and on the whole were a lot of fun.  There were no shortages of options to buy fabric, which I also appreciated! The hotels we stayed in were lovely!  The food was generally quite good — the two exceptions were at the fort at Pokaner (sp?) (this food was really not very good at all) and during glamping (where the food was actually tasty but consistently cold because the staff couldn’t figure out how to properly work the heating plates).  However, we were camping, so I wasn’t very bothered. 🙂
What made this trip so meaningful and joyful, though, was definitely the staff who came with us throughout the trip.  Specifically:
Gautam was an amazingly knowledgable escort, and he was attentive to everyone on the trip simultaneously in terms of calling attention to things he thought might be interesting (e.g.: I’m an amateur photographer, and he took the time to point out scenes and buildings and angles that might make good photographs).  He was also compassionate and kind, taking good care of some of the more elderly people on the trip who needed it.
Isha is an incredible find.  She managed to keep us all on track with humour and smiles, getting us where we needed to be with a minimum of fuss.  She took in stride unexpected events (such as our lunch restaurant being closed near the embellishment market in Delhi), and she was sensitive to the desires and needs of the people on the tour, going an extra mile or ten to provide people with the individual experience they were looking for.  On a personal front, Isha also looked out for my mum (who was a bit unexpectedly unsteady on her feet throughout), again with no fuss and an abundance of charm.  I can’t say enough positive things about Isha — I would be delighted to see her again on a tour, and I can’t commend highly enough her professional, competent, and delightful performance.  I have the greatest respect for her, compounded by her relative youth!
If this is the quality of staff and tours that Colouricious provides, then it’s no wonder you get repeat travelers. 🙂 Thank you! “Amanda J.

“Thanks so much for such a wonderful trip with a lovely group of people – was fun to share in all the stories everyone had to tell & enjoy doing the workshops together – so much talent there!  Has been hard to come down to earth & put it all aside for the Christmas time but can go back to it all now & enjoy sorting out photos & look at all the pieces I bought – have not got round to unpacking them yet! Everyone that I bought scarves from Jaipur loved them & a few stories – have even been asked to give a talk & slide show about it!!! ” Daphne

Jamie Malden – you are a STAR!   You will never know just how much it meant to those of us like myself, recently widowed or now finding themselves alone for other reasons, to discover they can enjoy a wonderful holiday again. Your organisation of every detail was exemplary and I would never hesitate to encourage others to join you on a Colouricious holiday.   Being able to participate in block printing workshops with local people was such a privilege, the kindness of everyone we met was outstanding and the fun and happiness felt by everyone made for a really very special holiday.   I am still reliving chaotic but amazing Rajasthan every day and will do for some time to come so thank you SO much! Please also pass on my warmest appreciation to Puneet for all his undivided attention to every detail to ensure our Jaipur experience was the best possible and It was such a pleasure to meet him. Best wishes Sandra

Colouricious-Textile-Creative-Holiday Block Printing Jaipur - January

Namaste… Thank you so much Jamie. I gained so much from our trip to Jaipur, It was just what I needed, some fabulous creative space, lots of lovely new friends and time to regain myself and make sense of my new role in life. You are an amazing lady, through your chance encounter you have touched so many lives. It was a pleasure to travel with you and I am so glad you are leading us to Gujarat.  I can’t wait to get my Jaipur treasures out and get some block printing and stitching started.
I have truly caught the Colouricious bug! Love and best wishes Caroline

A-Z Guide

We have put together an A – Z guide of things that we feel will help you have a wonderful Colouricious Holiday. Click on the image below to download it and then you can print it out and read it at your leisure.

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