Cultural Textile Crafts Tour of Uzbekistan – April 2020

see the historical crafts of Uzbekistan

From: 24th April, 2020

To: 5th May, 2020

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Journey with us for an unforgettable tour of Uzbekistan, a unique experience full of adventures. You will be introduced to the history, geography, culture and especially the textiles of this wonderful country. During the tours you will see the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva and pass along the routes of the Great Silk Road. A rich heritage of textiles and craft, steeped in history with a large number of amazing buildings and holy places. Visiting such places is a part of the experience of Uzbekistan.  Not forgetting modern Uzbekistan, a developed, progressive country where the friendly people enjoy meeting us, be it in the traditional bazaars or the modern hotels. A fascinating blend of the old and the new at this ancient crossroad of culture and trade.  More than 4000 architectural and archaeological monuments are located in the territory of Uzbekistan, and four of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. .

This tour to Uzbekistan is specially created for those people interested in the rich historycolorful culture and grandiose architecture of the different nations living here now and in the past.


Need to know more…



Rishtan is the oldest center of ceramic art in Central Asia. The famous technique of glazed earthenware which local people use for their household needs, which is exported from the Fergana Valley was created here.
The most characteristic coloring of this earthenware (ceramic) is a turquoise, dark blue and brown scheme on a milky-white background. Ishkor glaze, made from ashes, gives the earthenware its beautiful soft shine.
Rustam Usmanov has built his own complete pottery studio at home. Mahmud Azizov, a skillful master of kuzagar, produces various forms on a moving pottery wheel, which Rustam and his relatives paint by hand.

Silk road

In 2007, the country widely celebrated the 2000th anniversary of Margilan – This is another city in the list of famous historical cities of Uzbekistan with a millennia history. Located in the south of the Fergana Valley, Margilan was formerly at the crossroads of trade caravans from China to the West and vice versa. The origin of Margilan is closely related to the opening of the Silk Road. The Silk Road made Margilan the center of silk and chief keeper of its secrets. As far back as in the 10th century Margilan – the largest city in the Fergana Valley – was widely known for its silk products from the far West to the far East.

Since time immemorial, it is famous for great masters – Beautiful silk, manufactured in the city and its surroundings, was exported to Europe and the East along the ancient Great Silk Road Even today Margilan is considered as the silk capital of Uzbekistan. It produces the famous khan-atlas, woven and dyed by hand using the traditional techniques. Amazing in beauty and originality Margilan embroidery – Suzanne and skullcaps speak of the variety and beauty of Margilan silk. We will visit a famous Margilan silk factory, where we will see the process of silk manufacture from start to finish.



There are two fabulous markets on the agenda for this Uzbekistan adventure! First, you’ll get to explore Bukhara market. Here you can watch artisans at work on many handicrafts including suzani, miniature paintings, jewellery boxes and chess sets. Then,  you’ll be seeing another market in Urgut which is a very traditional and inspirational market. Locals bring their own produce to sell at this market form the countryside. Amazing!

Khiva & Bukhara

Khiva is a beautiful city with a rich history. We will be taking a full day to explore all the charms of this gorgeous location. In order to enjoy the charms of Khiva without the crowds, we will be going on an early morning walk. You can event see a stunning landscape of Khiva from Juma minaret if you’re brave enough to climb to the top! The city has been rebuilt 7 times and is home to some of Uzbekistans most beautiful sights.

Bukhara is an ancient city in the central Asian country of Uzbekistan. Known as Central Asia’s ‘holiest city’, Bukhara has buildings that have lasted around a thousand years of history. Amazingly the old centre that hasn’t changed too much in two centuries despite having been thoroughly lived in. This is where we will be able to watch many at work on a variety of handicrafts at the Bukhara Artisan Development Centre market. We will get to dive into the city and really see everything it has to offer!


Wood Carvers & Puppet Makers

We will be visiting markets with these traditional, well known puppets and watch how they get made. We will also, see wood carvers at work as well as taking part in a wood carving workshop on day 3! How exciting. You might discover a hidden talent!



Uzbekistan Cuisine

Possibly the tastiest bit of the holiday – the food. Although a lot of the meals will be had in the hotels, the food will be lovely. Plus, there will be opportunities for you to eat out in the restaurants. For example, you will get to eat at an old Jewish Merchants house called ‘Akbar’s’ on day 7. This will include very traditional and delicious food! What’s Uzbekistan’s cuisine like? Noodle rich, lots of bread, a wide use of meat and a lot of flavour!

Paper Making

Ever wondered how paper is made? We are going to visit a local family which is involved in mulberry paper making to get some insight. Uzbekistan is one of the last places to show the hidden secrets of paper making so this is sure to be an unforgettable experience.



Uzbekistan Photos



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NB: The following program is subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances. We will make every effort to complete the whole itinerary, however we may rearrange or miss entirely any art of the itinerary for any reason including, but not limited to, unexpected closure, travel interruption, weather, over run on other parts of the itinerary, individual or group welfare.

Hotels similar to:

Tashkent – Wyndham 5* & Miran 5* (30/4 – 1/5)
Khiva – Asia Khiva 4*
Bukhara – Asia Bukhara 4*
Samarkand – Registan Plaza 4*


  • Depart London Heathrow


  • Arrival Tashkent
  • Meet the tour guide at the airport gates and transfer to the hotel to check in
  • City tour around the capital of Uzbekistan, the biggest city in Central Asia. Visit Museum of Applied Air of Uzbekistan, visit Old City part of Tashkent with Khast-Imam Complex where the world famous Quran of Caliph Uthman – Ottoman has been preserved
  • Explore Chor-Su Bazaar
  • Visit workshop of famous ceramist – Alisher Rahimov
  • Dinner at the restaurant Navvat
  • Stay overnight at your hotel


  • Early rise for breakfast at your hotel
  • Transfer to railway station for morning train to Kokand 08.05-12.15. Comfortable A/C train with tea and coffee
  • Arrival Kokand and visit Khudayar Khan’s Palace, Juma Mosque and Minaret, Necropolis of Modarikhan
  • Transfer to Dangara for visiting workshop of hereditary wood carving’s master
  • Then proceed to Rishtan (50km) and visit ceramic workshop of Mr. Rustam Usmanov
  • Transfer to Fergana city to check in to hotel
  • Dinner will be at your hotel


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast city tour around Fergana. Visit to local bazaar and national park
  • Transfer to Margilan to visit Margilan silk factory to see mulberry paper-making and dyeing of thread
  • Proceed to railway station for evening train to Tashkent
  • Check-in to your hotel
  • Dinner at local restaurant


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • 05.00 – Transfer to the airport for morning flight to Urgench. Arrival Urgench then transfer to Khiva and check-in to hotel
  • City tour: full day touring the walled city on foot. The hotel is nearby & easy to access should you want to rest
  • Visit the UNDP workshops for the development of local handicrafts
  • Learn the tie and dye process. Also see local carpet making and how the thread is dyed
  • See the wood carvers at work with traditional designs from small tables to huge doors, carving on ‘karagach’ wood
  • Dinner at Yasavulboshi restaurant


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Early morning walk to enjoy the charms of Khiva without the crowds
  • Supermarket stop before we leave Khiva
  • In old days, route from Khiva to Bukhara lasted more than a month. Today it takes 6-7 hours (some of them bumpy) by coach through the mysterious red desert “Kyzyl-Kum”, the territory of “Khorezm”. This includes photo stop at Amudarya river
  • Arrival to Bukhara, check-in to the hotel
  • Dinner will be at your hotel


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Bukhara is the centre for local artisans, and we will be able to watch many at work on a variety of handicrafts at the Bukhara Artisan Development Centre. Spend the day visiting some colourful local markets, where the Karavan Saray (Trade Domes) and former madrassahs offer splendid, colourful handmade “needle work” products and gold embroidery, as well as other forms of textiles, clothing, jewellery, carpets and costumes. You will also have some time at leisure to explore the town and its rich, colorful shops on your own
  • City tour in Bukhara includes: Ismael Samani Mausoleum, Chashma Ayub Mausoleum Bolo-Hauz Mosque, Citadel Ark – city in a city, Poi Kalon Ensemble, Minaret Kalon, Kalyan Mosque, Miri Arab Madrassah, Ulugbek’s Madrassah
  • Take part in workshop of famous embroidery master
  • Dinner will be at a local guest house


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Morning transfer to Gijduvan city to visit a local pottery house known for its design and colouration
  • Travel back to Bukhara where we shall visit a Golden Embroidery Centre, see metal chasers, the wood carvers and local puppet makers
  • Afternoon excursion Sitori-i-Mokhi Khosa, the summer residence of the last emir of Bukhara – see the last emirs collection of gifts, Chinese porcelain, the Russian cut Glass and Crystal vases. As well as the most interesting and rich collection is of local Suzzane embroidery from the countryside
  • Visit the house where the owner has collection of old Bukharan textiles and needle point embroidery
  • Show – program at Nodir Devon Begi Madrassah
  • Dinner at Minzifa restaurant


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • On the way to Samarkand, stop in Tamerlane’s hometown Shakhrisabze (Green City) which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here one can see the ruins of Timur’s summer palace Ak Saray (White Palace). It was probably Tamerlane’s most ambitious project but all that’s left now are parts of the gigantic, 40m –high, entrance covered with gorgeous blue, white and gold mosaics
  • Travel to the Silk Road city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan’s most glorious city
  • Arrival and check in to your hotel
  • Short city tour: visit to famous Registan Square that consists of Madrasah Ulugbek, Madrasah Sher-Dor, Madrasah Tillya-Kori
  • Dinner at local restaurant (not included)


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Explore Samarkand with a visit to Registan, which is the centerpiece of the city and the most recognizable landmark for visitors. There are three madrassahs framing the square, with Ulughbek madrassah being the oldest
  • Visit carpet factory Hudzhum – handmade silk carpets, see the workshop, Fine Art Museum of Samarkand, which has a fine collection of textiles and pottery
  • Dinner at local guest house


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Full morning excursion to Urgut – see the best of Suzannes sale in Sunday Market by the local folks. Urgut bazaar is one of the very few left with traditional fervor as one can see folks thronging in from the country side selling their home made produce
  • Proceed to Charakhchi to visit a local family involved in local mulberry paper making before returning to Samarkand in the late afternoon
  • Transfer to the railway station for evening train to Tashkent
  • Arrival and Tashkent and check in to hotel
  • Dinner at restaurant “Pilgrim”


  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Visit Fine Art museum of Tashkent
  • Check out from the hotel for free time
  • At an appropriate time, you will be transferred to Tashkent airport to connect with your flight back home


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