Kerala Craft Tour – February 2019 – FULLY BOOKED

Feast your eyes on the amazing colours of this enchanting region

From: 19th February, 2019

To: 5th March, 2019

This holiday is now FULLY BOOKED.

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From: 19th February, 2019
To: 5th March, 2019

This holiday is fully booked.


Colours of Kerala

[12 Nights/14 Days]

London ~ Calicut ~ Cochin ~ Thekkady ~ Kumarakom ~ Kovalam ~ London

This Colouricious block printing textile holiday to Kerala will be hosted by Jamie Malden

Join our team on a very special visit to India.

In South India, textiles are considered to be one of the highest form of art and spiritual expression. The knowledge and skills required to create these textiles have been passed down through generations. This tour provides opportunity to explore and experience various kind of textile weaving and handicrafts. You will also have the chance to see magnificent temples, house boays, backwaters, villages to experience rural life, and know more about South Indian friendly and ever smiling people, their traditions and way of life and explore the scenic beauty of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Highlights of the Tour:

TASARA Centre for Creative Weaving

The TASARA Centre is located in the Beypore village of Kerala,along India’s west coast. ‘Tasara’ means ‘weaver’s shuttle’ in Sanskrit. The centre works to bring together both contemporary and traditional weavers and other textile artists to encourage both a respect for traditional forms and real innovation. The TASRA centre’s Artist in Residence programme has given studio space and facilities to support to artists and artisans throughout India for more than 25 years. And has jump-started the careers of many successful textile artists and painters.

TASRA also provides extensive training opportunities in weaving and both traditional and batik dyeing, using natural dyes and pigments as well as modern chemical colours. Its annual textile workshops have become a gathering place for weavers and textile artists throughout India to meet, network and collaborate.



A Visit to the Pottery Making Unit at Kolenchery

Kolenchery is a small town in Kerala State, specifically a few kilometres east of Cocin in Ernakulam district, near India’s west coast. One of its most important features, as far as Colouricious Holidays is concerned, is the Pottery Making Unit which focuses on the traditional terra cotta pottery techniques of Kerala State. Not only is this an opportunity to see the works of some of India’s premier workers in terra cotta pottery, it is a chance to gain insight into the way this traditional crafting material (and a mixture of traditional and modern techniques) can be used to create art that is both thoroughly modern yet truly timeless.


A Trip to the Vellar Craft Village

Vellar is a hamlet nestled into the rocky countryside of Thiruvananthapuram not far from Kovalam. It is one of the region’s newest craft tourism destinations, and boasts traditional handicraft stalls, modern shopping and recreational facilities and eateries of all kinds.

Having recently received an upgrade and remodelling costing more than 700 million Rs, one of its biggest draws is a large covered theatre where there is training in a variety of local handicrafts – including the use of local coconuts and coconut shells. Several governmental and government-related agencies and projects give their support in order to bring these traditional local crafts back into the public eye in the Craft Village.


Kutthampully handloom village

hand-weaving-textiles-textile-design-craftsKutthanpully (sometimes spelled Kuthanpully) is a traditional cotton weaving village in Thiruvilwamala Grama Panchayat, in Kerala. This is the source of the famous Kuthanpully Sarees, which feature such unique boarders. Almost entirely populated by the Devanga people, a Brahmin caste. Their oral history tells of weavers being assembled here 500 years ago at the behest of the Kochi Royal Family.

Kuthampully is noted for their use of the kasavu hand loom, with which they create the Kasavu Double Dhotis, Set Mundus and Veshti. Here, you’ll have the chance to learn to use this ancient weaving tool for yourselves, and learn a new (to you) way to weave.


Bee Keeping

Kerala is famous for many things, but one of the most interesting is apiculture, or bee keeping. Bees have been semi-domesticated for thousands of years, and Kerala is one of the ancient centres of this art. They even have a unique type of bee, the Trigona tripennis, AKA the Stingless Bee. Thes are not truly without a stinger, but the sting is poorly developed, and they are noticeably less aggressive than other varieties.

Colouricious has arranged a workshop where you can learn how these unique bees are kept in Kerala State, and of course taste some of the honey that is only produced here, in small batches.


Kanjirappilly Plantation

The Kanjirappilly region, sometimes spelled Kanjirapally, is known for its gently rolling hills and warm, pleasant weather. Naturally, this is amazing agricultural land, and it has long been the site of many sprawling plantations. Located amidst this pastoral wonder are the Kanjirappilly Plantation Bungalows. These well-appointed homes away from home are just a few hours from Cochin, and also convenient to both Periyar and Kumarakom. While we’re there, you can even tour the plantation!


Toddy Tapping

learn-a-new-craft-crafts-craft-projects-activity-holidaysThroughout Kerala, toddy tapping is conducted in the same way it has been for hundreds if not thousands of years. The ‘palm toddy’ or simply ‘toddy’, is harvested from coconut palms without cutting down the coconuts – if they are instead carefully ‘tapped’, the milk inside will refill over time. In this way, a single tree can produce hundreds of litres of coconut milk each day. You’ll learn how this is accomplished, and also how to make a delicious palm toddy – even with purchased coconuts at home.


Palm Leaf Weaving

Southern Kerala is known for its weaving and basket-making using palm leaves. Young, tender palm leaves are harvested and their ribs removed before being dried in the sun. They are used to make all manner of handicrafts, including bowls, shades, folding fans and many other ornamental and practical objects. You can learn the techniques of palm leaf weaving that have been handed down in distinct families for generations.


Screw Pine Weaving

new-crafts-weaving-craft-projectsAnother of Kerala’s traditional basket weaving techniques uses the leaves of the screw pine plant. This is traditionally a women’s craft, and has a history of at least 800 years in the region. The most common item woven from screw pine leaves is an ornate mat, such as might be offered to an honoured guest for sitting, or larger mats for sleeping. Other artisans specialise in making fine wall hangings with the all-natural material.


Coir Making

new-crafts-textile-designCoir (also known as ‘cocos’) is a fine, natural golden fibre which is woven into hundreds of textile and handicraft products. However, few who wear these materials outside of the region know that the soft, lustrous material they are wearing is derived from coconut husk. You will get the chance to learn how this lovely and amazingly ecologically friendly fibre is made, and just how many different things can be made from it!


Mannar & Aranmula Bell metal crafting centres

craft-holidays-colouricious-tours-new-crafts-projectsKerala has long been associated with traditional metalworking crafts, including iron, silver, gold and bronze, but also ‘bell metal’. Bell metal is akin to bronze, but it has a unique ratio of 78% copper to 22% tin, and is traditionally used in the region for temple bells, lamps and religious statuary.

It is heavy yet extremely durable, and is particularly prized for its ability to withstand heat and fire, which is why it is also used for cooking pots and utensils. At the bell metal crafting centres of Mannar and Aranmula, you can learn how these items and more have been crafted for generations.



Kalaripayattu is one of India’s oldest martial arts, and one of the oldest continuously practiced martial arts in the world. ‘Kalari’ means battle or battlefield, and ‘Kalaripayattu’ means ‘Practice in the Arts of the Battlefield’. Its written history is more than 2300 years old, but it is believed that many of the practices go back much further. It involves the use of what we would call mideval weapons, especially shields, spears, bows, swords and the more obscure silambam.

new-crafts-creative-holidays-activity-holidays-craft-projectsYou will see demonstrations of the three primary schools of Kalari, the Arappa Kayy, the Pilla Thangi and the Vatta thiripp. Note how the art incorporates aspects of both dance and yoga, yet remains a true combat technique.


Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda is the medical tradition of ancient India. It is said that the Hindu god Dhanvantari incarnated himself as the king of historical Varanasi to teach these arts to humans for the first time. However, modern scholars suggest that the core of Ayurvedic medicine and thought goes back much farther, possibly before the rise of the Indus Valley Civilisation which predated India.

Ayurvedic practices form the core of most modern day ‘complimentary’ or ‘alternative’ medical techniques, many of which are practiced in the UK. Here, you’ll get a chance to learn about Ayurveda from traditional practitioners directly.

Yoga is similarly well known in the UK and all around the world. The term ‘yoga’ refers at once to a set of diverse spiritual, mental and physical practices that arose in ancient India, and have become a part of most of the country’s spiritual traditions.

crafts-holidays-creative-tour-new-crafts-projectsYou will also have the opportunity to learn about yoga from those who know it best.


Flight Details

Outward Bound

Depart: Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 – London Heathrow Terminal 4 – 09:30 (GF2)

Arrive:  Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 – Bahrain  18:40

Depart: Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 – Bahrain – 21:05 (GF260)

Arrive:  Wednesday 20th Feb 2019 – Kozhikode  04:00

Home Bound

Depart: Monday 4th Mar 2019 – Trivandrum – 21:45 (GF63)

Arrive:  Tuesday 5th Mar 2019 –  Bahrain  00:10

Depart: Tuesday 5th Mar 2019 –  Bahrain  02:30 (GF7)

Arrive:  Tuesday 5th Mar 2019 – London Heathrow Terminal 4 – 06:35

Day 1:      

  • Meeting at Airport
  • Departure from London

Day 2:      

  • Arrival at Calicut airport.
  • Assistance at airport upon arrival.
  • Arrival transfer to your hotel.
  • Upon arrival check-in at hotel.
  • Rest of the day at leisure.
  • Overnight stay at the hotel Welcome hotel Kadavu

Day 3:       

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfasts proceed for the sightseeing.
  • Visit the TASARA Centre for creative weaving.
  • Uru (Traditional sailing boats) making centers.
  • As per the present update, construction is happening. But we need to check prior at the time of operation of the tour.
  • Visit to Mittai Theruvu (SM Street); optional.
  • Drive back to hotel.
  • Overnight stay at the hotel Welcome hotel Kadavu

Day 4:        

  • Packed breakfast from the hotel.
  • Today early check out from hotel at around 06:30 AM.
  • Drive to visit Kutthampully handloom village (04 Hrs Drive / 120 Kms).
  • Visit the handlooms and enjoy the weaving activities and get accustomed with the handloom process about 03 Hrs.
  • Lunch at Local Restaurant.
  • Later drive to Cochin (approx 04 Hrs / 140 Kms)
  • On arrival check in to the hotel.
  • Rest of the day at leisure at Kochi.
  • Overnight stay at Hotel Abad Atrium (City Center)

Day 5:       

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfast proceed for an excursion to Chendamangalam to visit the handloom centre & Muziris Heritage Site.
  • Drive back to hotel.
  • Overnight stay at Hotel Abad Atrium (City Center)

Day 6:      

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfast drive to Periyar.
  • Enroute visit pottery making unit at Kolenchery.
  • Later drive to Periyar.
  • Upon arrival check in to your hotel.
  • Overnight stay at Hotel Sarovar Portico Poetree.

Day 7:      

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfasts proceed to experience the following;
  • Pappad Making
  • Bee Keeping
  • Spice Plantation Visit
  • Shanthigiri Ashram – Dhothy Weaving: Power Loom – As on date they have on 3-4 days a week but depends it can get shut down as they say no skilled labours are coming forward now for this work.
  • Elephant Activity.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Overnight stay at Hotel Sarovar Portico Poetree.

Day 8:       

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfast drive to Kumarakom.
  • Enroute stop for traditional lunch with plantation visit @ Kanjirappilly plantation bungalows.
  • After lunch proceed to the village of Vaikom for visiting weaving society & pottery making unit.
  • Later drive to hotel.
  • Upon arrival check in at your hotel.
  • Weaving Society Visit:
  • Pottery Unit:
  • Overnight stay at Hotel Abad Whispering Palms

Day 9:      

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfast you will proceed to the nearest village of Kavanatinkara / Vaikom.
  • You will be boarding on small canoe boats after a briefing session for experience the following activities accompanied by the tour guide:
  • Toddy Tapping
  • Palm Leaf Weaving
  • Screw Pine Weaving
  • Coir Making
  • Paddy Field Visit
  • Net Fishing
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Overnight stay at Hotel Abad Whispering Palms

Day 10:     

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfast drive to Kovalam.
  • Enroute visit Mannar & Aranmula Bell metal crafting centres. It’s a half a day program.
  • On arrival check into your hotel.
  • Rest of the day is on leisure.
  • Overnight stay at Isola Di Cocco

Day 11:

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfast proceed to visit from among the below options;
  • Vellar Craft village: Handicraft manufacturing units were products made using coconut & coconut shell craft. Will be taken over by TASARA in two months as per update from local authorities. Please note that as of now this is shut down and we are not very much sure whether it shall be operational by Feb 2019 as it’s a Government Agency.
  • Weaving Society visit: Balaramapuram area – its Kasavu saree & Dhoti (Traditional Kerala Style clothes) weaving that is popular here in Balaramapuram.
  • Kalari (Optional): Discover the world of Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art form of Kerala.
  • Various Kalari techniques such as Urumipayattu, Vaalpayattu, Kuruvadipayattu, Neduvadipayattu etc. are practiced here.
  • Drive back to hotel.
  • Overnight stay at Overnight stay at Isola Di Cocco

Day 12:      

  • Breakfast the hotel.
  • Day at leisure for Ayurveda & yoga.
  • Overnight stay at Overnight stay at Isola Di Cocco

Day 13:

  • Breakfast the hotel.
  • Day at leisure for Ayurveda & yoga.
  • Overnight stay at Overnight stay at Isola Di Cocco

Day 14:

  • Breakfast at the hotel (if time permits).
  • Today, at an appropriate time, you will be transferred to the airport to connect with your flight home.
  • Departure from Trivandrum Airport.


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