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Textiles of Bangladesh
November 2019

Bangladesh textile tour

From: 1st Nov 2019

To: 12th Nov 2019

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Textiles of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is quite a small country but filled to the brim with stunning textiles and many ancient craft techniques. This holiday will showcase Bangladesh’s rich history in embroidery with many different workshops teaching you various stitching techniques from skilled artisans. You will have a taster of city life delving into the hustle and bustle that the capital city Dhaka has to offer, along with visiting rural villages and meeting the families that keep their textile traditions alive.  Experience music, dancing, paintings, embroiderers and various folk arts that have been handed down for hundreds of years.

Highlights of the Tour:

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Karchupi Embroidery

Dhaka City is famous for Karchupi embroidery, a style consisting of gold and silver thread woven into a tightly stretched cloth. This technique is commonly used for bridal and formal costumes for its lavish appearance. The process involves tracing the design onto the fabric first. This is done by laying a sheet of tracing paper over the material and using a needle to perforate the fabric across the whole of the design. A cloth is then dipped in a dye solution and wiped against the tracing allowing the ink to seep through the holes and stain the fabric ready for embroidering. Stitch techniques include running stitch, stem stitch, laid-stitch, couching and satin stitch. The body of the design is completed by laying varieties of metallic threads in several shapes and forms along with beads, stones , beetle wings, etc. The raised effect is given in Zardozi by padding in soft thick cotton thread and cardboard or bukram.

Jamdani textile weaving

Jamdani is one of the finest muslin textiles of Bangladesh and considered a beautiful artistic talent of weavers from this region. Made from cotton thread, this fabric is traditionally woven on a handloom. The fabric is vividly patterned using geometric, plant, and floral designs and intricate motifs. Jamdani is the most expensive product of Dhaka looms for its time-consuming and labour-intensive requirements. Only wealthy aristocrats and royal families were able to afford such luxuries. For a start the patterns are not sketched but directly woven into the fabric on the loom which takes a painstakingly long time due to the richness of the motifs.  a small shuttle of thread called ‘Maku’ is passed through the weft. Two weavers sit alongside each other at the loom and add every discontinuous supplementary weft motifs separately by hand using a tool called ‘Kandul’. They interlace the supplementary weft threads into the warp with fine bamboo sticks in a zigzag manner using individual spool of thread.Originating in Bengal, you will explore the villages who have practiced this wonderful technique for centuries. Often these weaving communities will be all onsite creates a small scale market network among the weavers, service providers, and producers  generally composed of loom-dressers, dyers, spinners, and master weavers.

Rickshaw Painting

A rickshaw is a three-wheeled pedicab that accounts for half of the vehicles on Dhaka’s roads and employs around three-quarters of a million people in the capital. With such heavy competition, each rickshaw endeavours to be different and stand out from the crowd in order to catch the eye of any potential customers. The colourful embellishments didn’t start appearing until the ’60s, 20 years after they were first introduced to Bangladesh. With over 1 million Rickshaw’s in Dhaka alone, you can expect to see colour at every turn. Rickshaw art is oil painted on by local street artists to the entire rickshaw from backboards to rear side panel. You also will often see paper or plastic cut-outs appliquéd on to the hoods. Paintings can include various landscapes, portraits, personal statements of the driver or political themes. Popular themes include film stars, the Taj Mahal, rural country villages and animals, with peacocks, doves, elephants and tigers favoured.


Kantha workshop

This traditional kantha workshop is an opportunity to learn the traditional kantha techniques which informed the more modern, mass-produced West Bengali kantha techniques that have become so popular worldwide recently. The opportunity to learn this ancient textile art from practitioners who have learnt it from their mothers, grandmothers and a line of women going back into antiquity is not to be missed! As sarees, dhotis and even bedding become torn or too worn to use, they are layered together, and yarn or cordage salvage form other pieces are threaded between the layers, binding them together in a unique ‘crinkly’ manner. This Kantha stitching is used to decorate the new textile pieces with large, repeating motifs of various kinds.


Shibori is a resist dyeing technique originating from Japan. The pattern created is dependent on the binding technique in conjunction with the type of cloth used. There are infinite methods to compress the fabric using different stitch, folds, twists or other binds which all work in harmony with various fabrics to achieve the desired pattern.

Block printing

India has long been famous for its continuing wooden block printing tradition. The ‘blocks’ are kind of hand-carved stamp which is dipped in dye and applied, again and again, to a silk, cotton or linen fabric to make a pattern. It can be very simple or extremely ornate, depending on the tastes and the exact tradition of the artisan. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn the technique from traditional craftspeople, and make it a part of your own work.

There is so much of India to explore! We also offer different craft and textile tours across this beautiful country. Take a look at the other wonderful destinations we also offer such as Uzbekistan, Japan and Bhutan or if you India!


Colouricious-Holidays-ItineraryThis is a taster itinerary and not the exact plan. On the evening of arrival you will be given an exact timetable as changes may be made. We under promise and over deliver!

4* hotels will be confirmed closer to the time of your holiday.

Day 1: 01 Nov 2019:

  • Depart London

Day 2: 02 Nov 2019:

  • Arrive Dhaka airport
  • Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel.
  • Tour briefing and meeting with guide at 7pm followed by dinner
  • Stay overnight at your hotel

Day 3: 03 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast is at your hotel
  • After breakfast orientation tour of Dhaka city visiting university area, Language martyr’s monument and then Mirpur Benaras Palli and participate in Karchupi workshop.
  • Later stop by National Parliament building and visit to Natasha studio for shopping
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 4:04 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast is at your hotel
  • After breakfast day excursion to Ruposhi village [3 Hrs one way] and witness Jamdhani textile weaving along with village walking tour
  • Drive back to Dhaka via Rickshaw Painter’s house and enjoy live painting
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 5: 05 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast is at your hotel
  • After breakfast drive to Dhaka airport to take the morning flight to Jessore
  • Arrive Jessore and drive to Jhikorgaca [1.5 Hrs drive] to and participate in Nakshi Kantha workshop
  • Later visit Baste Shekha NGO to witness different styles of Nakshi embroidery
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 6: 06 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast drive to Bogra [200 Kms: 5 Hrs] enroute visit Khdalajapur village to see Anarashi (pineapple) stitching and try your hand at embroidery under the supervision of master craftsmen then drive to Bogra (5 Hrs drive)
  • Arrive Bogra and visit Mahasthangarh Citadel, the oldest city in Bangladesh
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 7: 07 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast drive to Rangpur [110 Kms: 2.5 Hrs]
  • Upon arrival check-in at your hotel
  • Later drive to Living Blue and participate in full day workshop on Shibori [Japanese style tie dye] and experience the natural dyeing process
  • Evening village walking tour
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 8: 08 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Travel [216 Kms: 5.5 Hrs] and check in at hotel
  • Freshen up and move to Sopura Silk Mill to see the SILK Processing
  • Rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy independent activities
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 9: 09 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Day excursion to Nawabganj and experience embroidery by rural women and see how styles and techniques differ from village to village
  • Later drive back to Rajshahi and on the way visit Choto Sona Mosque of 17th century Sultanate regime
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 10: 10 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • After breakfast drive to Serajganj [122 Kms: 3 Hrs] to visit the weaving of Colourful Gamca [local towel), Duppata [scarft]
  • Later check-in at your hotel and rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy independent activities
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 10: 11 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Whole day with the weavers at Tangail and visit Nolshodda village to experience the Block printing and other work being done.
  • Experience Jaggard weaving and natural dye processing
  • Later drive to Dhaka
  • Dinner will be at your hotel

Day 11: 12 Nov 2019

  • Breakfast will be at your hotel
  • Today, at an appropriate time, you will be transferred to Dhaka International airport to connect with your flight back to home


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“Hello Jamie, well what can I say? The Rajasthan Textile tour was fantastic. My sister Sheila and I found the whole experience way beyond our expectations. Isha and all the guides looked after us so well. The coach driver and the young man with him could not have been more attentive, helpful and patient. The workshops were very enjoyable and a real eye opener into all the skills that abound in India, and we are grateful that the craftsmen and women were willing to spend their time teaching us. The hotels were well chosen, I think we would have liked another night at the Hotel Heritage Resort Bikaner as the rooms and grounds had such a wonderful ambiance but we do understand that there was a schedule to stick to. I want to emphasise that we appreciated the welcome, the acceptance the friendliness that we met everywhere we went. I will email TWX to give feedback on Isha, of course. She made the tour extra special as nothing was too much trouble and nothing phased her. Thank you Colouricious for making our 2 weeks in Rajasthan so exceptional. Hope to see you again. Patricia & Sheila”  

“Dear Jamie and the whole team, just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you the holiday was more than I could have imagined in every way the hotels the transport the visits to cities and villages the range of textiles we saw, and those that we had the opportunity to try our hand at. I was speechless from day one (not true I had a lot to say) the sights the sounds and smells and nor forgetting the company of the group all of whom shared a common interest . Oh dear, it was all amazing and also life changing in so many ways, thank you all for your superb organisation and sharing your love of textiles and India……………….I will be back ” Linda

“I am writing to thank you for a brilliant holiday.  I was blown away by the care and brilliant planning of the tour, at every corner there was a surprise and it exceeded my expectations completely.  The tour guides were wonderful, as were the hotels and all the    artisans and their families.  I would advise everyone interested in textiles to do this tour, which also contained such additions like participating in Diwali, visiting temples/ mosques, palaces and an oasis, not to mention the camel fair and so much more.” Julie

“The cooking demo and dinner in Delhi, followed by the visit to the spice shop in Jodpur I found very interesting and it helped in understanding how the different spices are used and a great addition to the holiday.I loved the 2 worksops (Bandhej in Jodhpur and block printing in Pipar). Sarah

A-Z Guide

We have put together an A – Z guide of things that we feel will help you have a wonderful Colouricious Holiday. Click on the image below to download it and then you can print it out and read it at your leisure.