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Anne Kelly’s ‘Textile folk art’ – New book

‘Textile folk art’ – A New book by artist Anne Kelly

Anne Kelly is an extremely talented and well known textile artist and author. She is very inspired by folk art and some of her work has even been described as ‘small worlds’. For that reason, we at Colouricious are very happy to be connected to such a wonderful artist.

Similarly to our interests at Colouricious Holidays, she is very driven by the textile world and creating unique pieces. This is why we believe her new book might inspire you!

Anne joined us on a Colouricious Holiday to West Bengal for an unforgettable textile adventure which started her new book’s journey. The ‘tree of life’ features in a lot of the pieces because it is such a prominent theme in Inidan mythology:

“The Tree of Life is a recurring motif in many arts, including in the folk arts of India. … Some ancient Indiantexts look at creation itself as a tree. But even without the complex layers of symbolism, it is always heartening to see this motif. The tree, whatever else it is, is a giver of life.” – Telegraph India

In summary, ‘Textile Folk Art’ (her 3rd book) is a walk through of inspiration. Including mood boards, demonstrations and embroidery inspiration. This book is a great starting point for you to get some folk art ideas before your next textile art project.

If you’re interested check out Anne Kelly’s website by clicking here!

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