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Inspiration from Jaipur with Sue Jones

How Jaipur inspired Sue Jones and could also inspire you!

Sue came on a block printing holiday to Jaipur with Colouricious Holidays. She block printed her own stash of fabulous fabrics. When she got home, she was inspired to make her own beautiful bags using the fabric she has learnt to printing in Jaipur.

We offer many textile holidays which gives you the opportunity yourself to get inspired. Places like Jaipur often do cause worry in terms of transport and rough roads. However, having your own sturdy bus makes guests feel a lot more at ease. This offers a sense of safety alongside knowing all the follow tourists travelling with you, the bus driver and your surroundings.

Notably, the holiday offered fun mixed with learning mixed with inspiration. By having so many textile activities you can learn while you’re exploring. Immersed in culture, you won’t have a minute dry of inspiration, we’re sure of it!

Block printing is always a fun part of the holiday. We at Colouricious Holidays absolutely love what Sue has done with her designs using the blocks. The bags speak for themselves!

The possibilities of what you can create after the learning you do is endless!

Sue has a wonderful exhibition, check it out!

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