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Amazing Apron Art – elegant designs.

Amazing Apron Art – elegant designs

Apron art is fun for the whole family. Aprons as usually bog standard without a lot of design but we can fix that easily! The fabric is easy to design onto and offers a great blank canvas for our creations.

Firstly, ensure you’ve got pens or paint that transfers well onto the fabric. Some strong block pens really do the trick, for example, offering bold and intense print.

Then, get inspired. You’ll need some inspiration before you start your apron art journey. Maybe you saw a beautiful bird on the way home from work today? Maybe the cake in your fridge is looking particularly enticing this morning? Whatever it may be, take this inspiration and turn it into a new and creative piece of imagery. I love to take a basic inspiration and change the concept, adding extra design and layers to an otherwise obvious piece of art.

Follow the piece. By letting your imagination run wild and not thinking too much about what you’re doing it can improve the overall design process! Art is one of the very few things in which less thinking and more impulse can easily be an advantage. How fun!

Always remember to leave your apron to dry before wearing it if it’s a smudge-able paint etc.

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