Block printing – Tutorial

How to Block print – a Tutorial

A classic thing we’ve always loved to do at Colouricious Holidays is block printing. It has the ability to make whatever you create even more unique and special. It allows your design skills to show and adds more colour and creativity to a piece.

Not only is it fun and beneficial, but it’s super easy and simple.

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric paints. (This is important because you can heat these up with an iron afterwards to ensure durability even after putting items in a washing machine).
  • Blocks. (wooden blocks with various designs chosen to your preference).
  • Your design-able piece with a soft background. (In order to allow the block to create clearer images).
  • Piece of household foam to apply paint to fabric.

Then all you need to do is, apply the paint to the fabric with the soft board behind, take the block and dip it into the colour you would like to print on top and voila. By following this tutorial you should be able to complete your own block printing easily and effectively.

We’d love to hear how you got on! Comment on our video and let us know!

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