Textile Workshops

Learn new textile techniques and fabulous design inspiration

Textile Workshops

Whether you are looking for a textile course, class or textile ideas you will love Colouricious Holidays textile workshops. Ranging from block printing to embroidery you are sure to love the creative inspiration that awaits you in India! Colouricious Holidays specialise in creating bespoke craft tours from organising 5* hotels to the creative itinerary. Every workshop will be shared with you r workshops always lovely atmosphere with great teachersChandani-Chowk-fabric-market-group-holidays-textiles

Colouricious Holidays’ Golden Triangle Textile Treasure Hunt is less than a year away! No matter if you’ve been on  many Colouricious Holidays or your a first timer, you will have a fantastic tour of India seeing the beautiful fabrics in the textile heartland.

The Golden Triangle is defined by the notional triangle drawn between the cities of Dehli, Agra and Jaipur, the triangle also includes a must-see locations such as the Taj Mahal,the silk factories of Varanasi, and the carpet weavers of Agra …to say nothing of the striking desert landscapes of Rajasthan. Here, the weaving and dying arts stretch back to their earliest incarnations, many of them developed by the Indus Valley Civilisation. The Golden Triangle boasts dozens of museums and study centres where the ancient arts of the region are still taught in their traditional forms, and preserved as cultural treasures.

A few of the workshops made as part of the Treasure Hunt include

Chikan Embroidery workshop

Chikan literally translates as ‘embroidery’. It is a style that developed in Lucknow, and the village of Chowk in that region produces a great deal of it. It involves white thread embroidered onto pastel-tined muslin and cotton garments.

Slightly ‘modernised’ versions of the Lucknawi chican style include coloured thread, bead, mirror work, and other embellishments adopted from related traditions. The base fabric palette has also been expanded to include chiffons, silks and other light, soft materials.


Hand Block Printing Experience

Northern India has long been famous for its continuing wooden block printing tradition. The ‘blocks’ are kind of hand-carved stamp which is dipped in dye and applied, again and again, to a silk, cotton or linen fabric to make a pattern. It can be very simple or extremely ornate, depending on the tastes and the exact tradition of the artisan.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn the technique from traditional craftspeople, and make it a part of your own work.

Weaving workshop in Sarai Mohanna village

Sarai Mohanna is a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi District, most famous for its silk weaving tradition. The Banarasi saris made here are considered to be among the finest and most desirable in India. Such a traditionally hand crafted sari can take as much as 6 months to create.



Of course, that is just a taste of what you’ll experience as part of the 2019 Golden Triangle Textile Treasure Hunt. Over the next few weeks we’ll highlight more of the one-of-a-kind events, locations and experiences you could visit.

If you would like to learn more about the Golden Triangle Treasure Hunt in particular, just visit the Colouricious Holiday website. But hurry, holidays like the Golden Triangle Treasure Hunt fill up quickly!

Learn, create and be happy!