Creative travel with craft workshops

Learn new crafts on a Colouricious Holiday craft tour!

Why Kerala?

Kerala-crafts-craft-projects-workshopsKerala is a beautiful state of India sandwiched between the emerald waters of the Lakshadweep Sea and the stunning mouthing ranges of the Western Ghats. It is noted for its famous works in metal and wood carvings and will be a focus on this craft tour. Here are some of the treats you can look forward to on this special trip.


Kutthampully handloom village

Kutthanpully (sometimes spelled Kuthanpully) is a traditional cotton weaving village in Thiruvilwamala Grama Panchayat, in Kerala. This is the source of the famous Kuthanpully Sarees, which feature such unique boarders. Almost entirely populated by the Devanga people, a Brahmin caste. Their oral history tells of weavers being assembled here 500 years ago at the behest of the Kochi Royal Family.

Kuthampully is noted for their use of the kasavu hand loom, with which they create the Kasavu Double Dhotis, Set Mundus and Veshti. Here, you’ll have the chance to learn to use this ancient weaving tool for yourselves, and learn a new (to you) way to weave.






Bee Keeping

creative-tours-activity-holidays-crafts-and-artsKerala is famous for many things, but one of the most interesting is apiculture, or bee keeping. Bees have been semi-domesticated for thousands of years, and Kerala is one of the ancient centres of this art. They even have a unique type of bee, the Trigona tripennis, AKA the Stingless Bee. Thes are not truly without a stinger, but the sting is poorly developed, and they are noticeably less aggressive than other varieties.

Colouricious has arranged a workshop where you can learn how these unique bees are kept in Kerala State, and of course taste some of the honey that is only produced here, in small batches.


Screw Pine Weaving

new-crafts-weaving-craft-projectsAnother of Kerala’s traditional basket weaving techniques uses the leaves of the screw pine plant. This is traditionally a women’s craft, and has a history of at least 800 years in the region. The most common item woven from screw pine leaves is an ornate mat, such as might be offered to an honoured guest for sitting, or larger mats for sleeping. Other artisans specialise in making fine wall hangings with the all-natural material.

Coir Making

new-crafts-textile-designCoir (also known as ‘cocos’) is a fine, natural golden fibre which is woven into hundreds of textile and handicraft products. However, few who wear these materials outside of the region know that the soft, lustrous material they are wearing is derived from coconut husk. You will get the chance to learn how this lovely and amazingly ecologically friendly fibre is made, and just how many different things can be made from it!


Colouricious Holidays

Colouricious Holidays offer a organised crafting trip with crafting destinations, hotels, coaches and guides all arranged ready for your arrival. Now running for several years, many of our guests have met creative friends for life and have come back year after year! Relaxation is a key part of any holiday. We always find creative people need space to let their mind wonder. This wonderful but gentle adventure also offers yoga as a way to calm the body and mind learning from those who know it best.


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