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Spectacular Textile Holiday in Bhutan

Continuing our blog instalment of the Colouricious Textile Holiday to Bhutan, we reveal what other attractions lay in store for you to experience on this creative holiday. To fill you in, Colouricious Holidays specialise in organising group textile tours which will enable you to see the sights of Bhutan and experience local textile making and crafts up close and personal. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, colour, community and witness the spectacular mountain scenery of this country which lies at the foot of the Himalayas.

On a Bhutan textile holiday, you’ll be in the hands of our experienced guides and stay in high quality local hotels many of which have access to WIFI and television. This type of unique tours enables you to explore the Bhutanese culture, scenery and local crafts in more integrated way. You’ll discover papermaking, fabrics, embroidery and other ceramic crafts. You’ll marvel at the beautiful weaving techniques and colourful textiles produced and have the chance to buy some keepsakes to bring home.

Journey through Bhutan’s creative textile cultural heartland

You’ll be able to visit a variety of markets and museums and see the variety of crafts and textiles which are on display. On route is the Dilli Haat market, offering the most amazing, authentic crafts to purchase. It is one of Delhi’s famous markets covering 6 acres of land and features 62 stalls selling an array of embroidered and woven fabrics, silk products, cushion covers, bags, shoes, saris, paintings, jewellery, handicrafts, wood and stone carvings, carpets and rugs, furniture, antiques and leather items. Click here for some top tips to make sure you get a fair price for your goods.

What makes this market so special and so renowned is the traditional ‘weekly village market’ atmosphere it promotes. The small thatched roof cottages create a small village feel even though it’s one of the biggest markets in Delhi. It was specifically created by the government for local artisans to showcase their craft and products, encouraging them to venture out from their villages and sell directly to customers, increasing their profits by cutting out the middle man. Stall allotments are rotated every 15 days so different crafts man can display new items so there is always something new to be discovered. It has been a successful project preserving India’s traditional heritage.

There is so much to see with these artisans often displaying their skills at their stalls or in the exhibition hall holding different shows to promote handloom. There are live cultural and music performances by different artists from around the country. There are also 25 food stalls on site with a diverse selection of cuisine. Now this is shopping in style. It’s an incredibly beautiful market with such an array of vibrant fabrics and definitely not one to miss!

Local crafts with local materials

At Colouricious Holidays, we want you to have an unforgettable holiday as this country deserves to be admired for its stunning fabrics and architecture. This holiday has been running for 3 years receiving such wonderful feedback. Many of our guests are return customers and book onto other crafty holidays to different destinations across the world. Listen to our guests lovely testimonials below. Colouricious Holidays want you to be inspired for your own textile projects in future. You’ll have an amazing array of photo opportunities which will enable you to bring back even more amazing memories of a stunning country with amazing crafts people who produce beautiful textiles and designs. You’ll see the technicolour of designs which are imbued with meaning and status for the Bhutanese people.

Immerse Yourself In The Culture, Community And Colours Of Bhutan

web-dzong-sewing-textiles-stitching-craft-holidayBhutan is a fascinating country bordered by Tibet and Nepal and is deeply influenced by Buddhist monasteries which pepper the landscape. Set in the heart of the Himalayas, you’ll be able to meet the indigenous people who have lived and thrived in these conditions for generations. You’ll be able to visit the beautiful Buddhist temples and see prayer flags which are on display. One of these beautiful landmarks waiting to be explored is Trongsa Dzong. The town is located on a steep ridge with the fortress edged next to a sheer drop often disguised in the clouds and mist, overlooking the gorge of the Mangde River. It remains the only access point between  eastern and western Bhutan. It is the largest fortress in Bhutan containing 25 temples and houses over 200 monks. Tronga-dzong-colouricious-holiday-craft-tourThe buildings are set on different levels on the rocky spur with wide stones stairs and maze of beautifully paved courtyards and passageways connecting them all. Its impressive architecture makes it a must see along with the fine decoration of mural paintings lining the walls designed during the rule of the first king. An important printing house is located on site where religious texts are printed using the traditional woodblock printing technique. The watchtower has now been transformed into a state-of-the art national museum. Trongsa tsechu is also held here every year, an important five day festival marking the triumph of Buddhism for the country. A large embroidered or painted religious picture known as thongdrel will be unveiled with many dressed in exquisite colourful costumes and masks. There is also the fire blessing where people run through and archway of straw alit with burning flames.

Colouricious Holidays

Colouricious-holiday-craft-textile-tourDoes this sound like an adventure you want to be a part of? Please visit www.colouriciousholidays.com to read more on what a Colouricious Holiday to Bhutan entails. There are many more amazing things to uncover so take a look at the highlights. Colouricious Holidays offer unique craft and textile experiences to help inspire your creativity. You will be travelling with a group of like minded guests using trusted tour guides and hotels. We take care of everything so you don’t have too so remember

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