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Metallic Print Fabric

Need some textile inspiration?

Metallic print fabric is the answer

Creating your own fabric designs or making your own paper for craft projects needn’t be difficult. Colouricious love to experiment with metallic paints. Using wooden printing blocks, metallic print fabric can transform textiles into these beautiful collage designs below. Due to the reflective nature of the paint, it blends well with any dyed fabric generating this magical, vibrant appearance and is the best way to embellish your textiles.



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Metallic print fabric workshops

Alternatively you can create sequential patterns, a popular printing technique adopted on the block printing colouricious holidays to Jaipur. The crafters worked with traditional block printers applying this modern twist to create their own fabulous textile designs. They got to choose from a wide range of blocks and metallic fabric paint colours.


Metallic paint

If wooden block printing isn’t your cup of tea then don’t be afraid to get creative. Metallic paint can be used in many wonderful ways. This paint works best on natural fibres than synthetic as the paint is made from a mixture of a pigment and a glue-like binder and therefore sticks to rougher surfaces easier. The sparkle that these wonderful paints create will enhance any of your creations. Unlike fabric dye, it only requires ironing to fix the paint.


Metallic print fabric taken your fancy?Metallic_fabric_paints

If you have been inspired by the creations on this page and would like to try this for yourself, visit to pick up a box of metallic paint to help get you started on your own textile designs.



Colouricious Holidays – Metallic Fabric Print

On a colouricious holiday, you can use metallic paint to design your own fabrics. There are huge variety of blocks available to print with and you are taught by Jaipur’s very own block printers in traditional workshops in remote villages. Visit to find out more about the wonderful holidays available.

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Colouricious Holidays ATOL Logo